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Intelligent steel bar thread rolling automatic production line

Intelligent steel bar thread rolling automatic production line

Product-Technology 3663

 Intelligent control system

PLC program automatic control of production line, high operation reliability;


Production management informatization

Automatically collect the processing data of the production line and automatically generate a variety of reports;


 Blanking and sawing of reinforcement

Adopt advanced circular saw cutting technology, low cost and high efficiency;


Straight thread rib stripping rolling

The two processes are produced separately and in parallel. After thread rolling, the cutter is automatically tensioned and returned;


simple Introduction:

  • High production efficiency, 12 seconds to process a steel bar (two wire heads); 4000 thread heads can be completed in 8 hours; 100 tons of steel rolling wire breaking shall be completed in a single day;
  • The processing quality of steel wire head is good, and the intelligent dimension induction identification system for rib stripping and wire rolling can fully meet the specification requirements, completely solve the quality defects of steel wire rolling and "zero" rework;
  • Low cost of consumables, self-developed special reinforcement rib stripping and wire rolling tools, super hard, super long service life, and the cost of a single reinforcement processing tool is less than 0.2 yuan; The super long durability can ensure that the tool does not need to be replaced for a month or even a few months;
  • A wide range of applications. One production line can simultaneously complete "single double head threading", "single single head threading", "two double heads threading of the same or different specifications", "one positive wire and one reverse wire" and "ultra short steel bar specimen threading"
  • The steel bar blanking adopts double head simultaneous sawing and blanking setting, and the steel bar is cut to length with a length error of 1mm.
  • The design idea of "progressive die" splits the rib stripping and wire rolling process, and completes the rib stripping and wire rolling process at different stations at the same time, so as to improve the production efficiency;
  • The intelligent manipulator is used for the online transfer of high-efficiency reinforcement to grasp and transfer the reinforcement laterally from different stations, and the accurate transfer can be completed in only 5 seconds;
  • The single equipment has self-propelled function to meet the processing requirements of reinforcement with different lengths. Through the closed-loop control of servo motor, it has fast moving speed and high precision;
  • Design of automatic wire drawing cutter after wire rolling is completed, the cutter will be returned automatically without reverse turning, saving 50% wire rolling time;
  • A variety of intelligent sensors are centrally controlled by PLC. The equipment can intelligently identify abnormal working conditions and avoid a large number of defective products;
  • The information production management system can connect with the MES system of the digital reinforcement processing workshop, upload the processing data in real time, generate daily and monthly production statistics reports, equipment utilization analysis reports, cost analysis reports, etc., help the management control the production progress in time, find workshop production problems and provide decision-making basis;
  • With exquisite structural design, the whole production line occupies a small space (10m * 16m), has low requirements for site space, modular design, easy disassembly and convenient transportation transfer. Wiring can be produced even in the narrow construction area of the city, saving the cost of secondary material transfer;
  • The automatic collection system of Iron Chipping saws the blanking head and Iron Chipping are summarized into the waste truck through the automatic collection system, and the processing environment is easy to maintain;
  • Excellent workmanship, first-line brand suppliers are preferred to provide key parts installation, "Siemens motor", "Youyan hydraulic valve", "Taiwan oil pump motor and oil pump", "Taiwan Shangyin guide rail", "Mitsubishi PLC controller" and "Schneider Electric of France". The equipment has high durability, stable operation and low failure rate;



The whole line only needs two people to operate


Each shift can process 100 tons

The rebar thread can reach grade 6 accuracy


Modern human-computer interaction equipment


Steel bar double head rolling shall be completed in 12 seconds



Technical parameters:

Serial number project parameter remarks
1 Reinforcement processing specification 16-50 mm Rolling wire is divided into three specifications(p=2.5、3.0、3.5)
2 Reinforcement processing length 1.5-12.0m
3 Processing efficiency of production line 12Second / time; 4000PCs. / 8 hours Including blanking, wire rolling and deburring
4 Thread machining accuracy length:±1.0mm;thread:6级 When the system prompts to change the tool regularly
5 Production line power supply 380v/50HZ
6 Installed capacity of production line 50Kw Including mechanical power head and hydraulic system
7 Floor area of production line 12.0x16.0m
8 Production line host weight 6000kg Including the weight of hydraulic oil, excluding the weight of auxiliary devices such as frame