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WL double screw sleeve reinforcement connection technology

WL double screw sleeve reinforcement connection technology

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Solve the problem that the reinforcement connection is not collinear

  • By simply adjusting the relative position of the connector during connection, the track lines of the upper and lower threads of the butt reinforcement can be adjusted from non collinear to collinear!
  • It can completely solve the problem of reinforcement connection of parts in building industrial construction.


Easy connection, simple and convenient operation

  • High strength, simple operation, fast construction speed and good mechanical properties.
  • Provide technical training and equipment maintenance services on the construction site in the later stage.


No pollution, all-weather construction

  • The utility model has the advantages of convenient, fast and simple connection, no electricity for construction, no wind or rain, and can be constructed all day.
  • Meet the corresponding environmental protection requirements, operate without open fire, and the construction is safe and reliable;


Composition of joint:


The national patented product "WL double screw sleeve reinforcement joint" independently developed by Beijing Wulongxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. is mainly characterized by "reinforcement non rotation" connection. It has the characteristics of fast connection speed, convenient construction, reliable quality, low cost and all-weather construction


Composition and characteristics of WL double screw sleeve new reinforcement joint


Composition: the connector is composed of inner screw sleeve 1, inner screw sleeve 2, outer screw sleeve and lock nut.

Features: the connection operation can be completed without rotating the reinforcement. It is especially suitable for the overall connection of bundled reinforcement with large positional error in building parts and reinforcement parts. The construction is convenient, reliable and low cost.


Connection principle of "double screw socket joint" and position requirements of reinforcement to be connected:

Comparison before and after connection correction


  • No matter the connection of single or bundle reinforcement, the "non plug-in" connection of reinforcement can greatly reduce the centering requirements of reinforcement. Even if the radial deviation of connecting reinforcement is large, tools can be used to facilitate the connection after correction;
  • "Double screw socket joint" solves the connection problem when the thread trace lines of two rebar thread heads do not coincide in the connection of straight thread reinforcement;
  • The axial clearance of connecting reinforcement is 0-20mm, which can meet the requirements of joint deformation performance when the middle is not top.


Connection characteristics of reinforcement construction

  • There is no wet operation at the connection joint, and it is fully mechanically connected;
  • The connection is fast and takes only 20 seconds. After the connection is completed, it can bear the force;
  • Whether the reinforcement connection quality is qualified or not can be visually inspected, which is simple and clear;
  • The field joint quality inspection is simple and fast, which is consistent with the ordinary straight thread joint;
  • There is no need for other machines and tools and equipment on the reinforcement connection working surface, but only the connection wrench.


Construction method of integral butt joint of "WL double screw sleeve reinforcement joint" in reinforcement cage


After steel bar threading, mold tooling or steel bar cage forming machine cage shall be adopted.


1. Connect the inner screw sleeve 1 to the lower reinforcement cage. 2. Connect the inner screw sleeve 2, outer screw sleeve and lock nut to the upper reinforcement cage.


3. Place the lower reinforcement cage into the hole pile. 4. Lifting and docking of upper reinforcement cage.


5. Align the upper and lower reinforcement cages 6. Connect WL double screw socket joints one by one and tighten them


Complete the overall butt joint of reinforcement cage



type project Specifications, parameters and indicators
10 12 14 16 18 20 22 25 28 32 36 40
WL Double screw Socket joint Joint outer diameter D(mm) -- 29 32 36 39 43 47 53 59 67 75 83
Joint length L(mm) -- 120 120 122 126 132 136 147 153 159 170 176
Joint performance Comply with the industrial standard technical specification for mechanical connection of reinforcement JGJ one hundred and seven in 500MPa level I Performance of grade joints.
Through 2 million fatigue performance tests,
It has passed the type inspection of American Standard reinforcement mechanical joint
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