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Steel bar straight thread rolling machine

Steel bar straight thread rolling machine

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Energy saving and higher precision

  • The reinforcement thread processing is completed at one time, and the tooth shape of the processed thread is full and smooth
  • The head structure is designed innovatively, and the straight shaft stepless cycle adjustment is adopted to effectively reduce the loss of wire roller

Seiko quality and operation safety

  • Integrated design of tool holder and tool holder, high roundness of thread forming
  • The reinforcement can be easily fed, and each machine can produce 600-700 screw heads per day



Connection technology of rib stripping and rolling straight thread reinforcement

The rib stripping and rolling straight thread reinforcement connection technology independently developed and produced by Beijing Wulongxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. has a history of more than ten years. It is a long-term product service provider of CSCEC and China Railway.

Over the years, the company has been adhering to the management concept of "quality first and reputation first" and constantly improving products and technology. Whether it is steel bar straight thread rib stripping and rolling machine or rib stripping and rolling straight thread sleeve, it has been trusted and affirmed by CSCEC, China Railway and other customers. The rib stripping and rolling straight thread joint produced by the company passed the product certification of the certification center of China Academy of Building Sciences in 2016.

    Rib stripping and rolling straight thread connection technology has been favored by the majority of construction units and owners because of its efficient, convenient and fast construction method, energy saving and consumption reduction, improved efficiency, stable and reliable connection quality and so on; The use of steel bar connecting sleeve in construction industry can greatly reduce the use of materials, and the operation is simple and not limited by the type of steel bar composition.

Steel bar straight thread rolling machine

Recently, the company has continuously optimized product cost management and continuously improved the automation level of production. The fully automatic straight thread sleeve tapping machine independently developed and manufactured has completely replaced the manual processing mode, and the consistency and reliability of products have been further improved. The product features are as follows:

  • The spindle screw pitch is synchronized with the tap pitch, which is beautiful and does not mess the teeth. It effectively solves the problem of large and small head of the sleeve in processing the thread and improves the practicability of the product.
  • When processing sleeves with different pitches, it is simple and convenient without multiple equipment operation, which reduces the production equipment cost and site cost for users.



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