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Industrialization solution of tunnel reinforcement engineering

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Industrialization solution of tunnel reinforcement engineering


Construction pain points of tunnel reinforcement works:


Low construction efficiency of reinforcement works;
Large number of on-site construction personnel and high labor intensity;
The mechanical connection of the last joint of the “ring reinforcement” in the tunnel is difficult and the quality is difficult to guarantee;
The degree of mechanization of reinforcement engineering operation is low.


Industrialized construction scheme of tunnel reinforcement works:


  • Adopting the prefabrication, installation and connection technology of lined double-layer reinforcement mesh can greatly improve the mechanization, prefabrication and industrial construction of reinforcement engineering.
  • The industrialized construction method can improve the on-site construction efficiency by more than 70%, reduce the on-site construction personnel by about 70%, and improve the comprehensive benefits of construction.
  • The production of double-layer reinforcement mesh lining can be made by special forming machinery, with low cost, high efficiency and excellent quality.


  • Mesh prefabrication can be carried out in prefabrication plant or tunnel.
  • The mesh lifting installation device can be transformed by tunnel construction trolley.



New mechanical connection joints can also be used for the connection of longitudinal main reinforcement of lining reinforcement. In order to facilitate the connection between the inner arc reinforcement and the main reinforcement, it is recommended to stagger the positions of the inner and outer arc reinforcement and the main reinforcement in the design.


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