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CITIC tower (also known as China Zun), the highest landmark building in Beijing, has successfully passed the completion acceptance and can be put into use. It marks that the key indicators such as building height, building area, building floors and building functions of the building meet the requirements of government planning, and opens up the “last kilometer” of the transformation of the building from development and construction to operation and maintenance management. According to the latest statistics released by the world society for high rise buildings and urban habitat (CTBUH), CITIC Building is the tallest building completed worldwide in 2018, the eighth tallest building in the world and the fourth tallest building in China. CITIC tower is invested by CITIC Group and constructed and operated by CITIC Heye Investment Co., Ltd. The project is located in the core area of Beijing Business Center (CBD). It is a financial headquarters building, mainly for business office. The building is 528 meters high, 108 floors above the ground and 7 floors underground. It is the tallest building in Beijing and the new landmark of the capital.

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