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Connection of reinforcement parts

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Technical scheme of “reinforcement parts”

Small weight, low transportation and hoisting cost. There are formwork and concrete operations on the working surface. It is applicable to “mass concrete structure” and can be applied to nuclear power, bridges, high-speed railways, rail transit, housing construction and other fields. Mechanical connection characteristics of reinforcement in “parts”:

  1. The connecting reinforcement cannot be rotated
  2. The connecting reinforcement shall be connected under the condition of axial and radial position errors
  3. After the connection of connecting reinforcement is completed, the middle cannot be pressed tightly
  4. Once the connection position of the “part” is determined, the axial deformation (elongation or shortening) of the joint shall not be allowed after connection


  • Reinforcement cage and reinforcement mesh of diaphragm wall
  • Precast beam column bridge tower body and bridge pier body


Prefabrication of “reinforcement parts”

1. Rebar positioning end plate 2. Pre assemble the connector 3. Prefabrication of parts is completed

4. Parts hoisting 5. Parts docking in place

6. Double screw sleeve reinforcement connection 7. Joint inspection after connection


Connection scheme of bridge “structural parts”

1. Prefabrication of reinforcement framework 2. Pier body concrete prefabrication

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