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What is reinforcement cage and what is its function?

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Reinforcement cage:

When the concrete structure is a column or strip member, the central part does not need to be reinforced, and the reinforcement is only configured under the surface where the concrete member contacts the air. If the component is independent, we make the reinforcement around the component in advance, which is the reinforcement cage. Usually, we call the pre fabricated reinforcement structures such as bored pile, dug pile and column as reinforcement cage.




The main function of the reinforcement cage is the same as that of the longitudinal reinforcement of the column. It mainly plays a tensile role. The compressive strength of the concrete is high, but the tensile strength is very low. It can restrain the concrete of pile body and make it bear certain axial tension.

During the construction of bridges and culverts or high-rise buildings, piling may be required for the foundation according to the requirements. The method is to use machine punching and water mill drilling, and the hole depth meets the design requirements, then lower the reinforcement cage to the pile hole, and then insert the conduit for concrete pouring.



Production control points:

Whether the raw materials of reinforcement have been submitted for inspection, whether the specifications of raw materials meet the design requirements of drawings, stirrup spacing, lap length of welding points, and welding rods shall be provided with quality assurance certificate.

The reinforcement cage shall be manufactured and processed in strict accordance with the design, and the equal distance shall be controlled by the reinforcement positioning support for the position of the main reinforcement. Thickness of reinforcement cover. Whether the butt joint of reinforcement is bent as required, and whether the weld thickness and weld length of the bent joint meet the quality requirements.

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