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How to make reinforcement cage?

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When we do the project, in order to make the project more construction, we often use the reinforced concrete structure, which needs to make the reinforcement cage.


Manufacturing steps

Support the steel bar

In order to better bind the reinforcement cage, we need to find something to support the reinforcement first.



Put on stirrups according to design requirements

There are requirements for the number of stirrups on the design drawing. We will thread the corresponding number of stirrups into the reinforcement cage according to the design.


Fixed reinforcement and stirrup

Then we need to use tools to fix the reinforcement and stirrup with binding wires, so that it will not be easy to shake.


Uniform distribution

When fixing stirrups, we must distribute evenly, so that the stress will be uniform and the project will be more solid.


Multi person collaboration

If we make it alone, the speed will be very slow, so we need more than one person to make it at the same time, so we can improve the work efficiency.


Final effect

After the fabrication, we can see a very perfect reinforcement cage. Finally, we can place the reinforcement cage in the position required by the fixed project

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