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Construction and application of precast Bridge

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Project: Shaoxing urban expressway


The construction of Yuedong road smart Expressway started in October 2018. It starts from Shaoxing toll station of Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway in the north, along Sanjiang road to Yuedong Road, along Yuedong road and second ring East Road from north to south, and then extends to Pingshui toll station of Shaozhu Expressway in the south. The total length of the road is more than 20 kilometers. The main line is designed according to the standard of urban expressway, which will connect the main urban area of Yuecheng District, Paojiang Development Zone The three major urban clusters of Binhai New Town connect Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway and Shaozhu expressway. After completion, it will not only facilitate citizens’ travel, but also drive the rapid development of the area. The construction adopts the most advanced intelligent traffic management technology, which will realize driverless and full WiFi coverage.


Classic case of double threaded joint


Reinforcement binding


Mold closing pouring


Finished bent cap


Double screw sleeve installation


Installation position inspection


Bent cap transportation

Site hoisting


Double screw connection


Connection complete


Secondary pouring


Double threaded joint


After the double screw socket joint is used for connection, the two reinforcements in the middle are not on the top, and the distance is 88mm. The total length of reinforcement blanking shall be deducted, and the dimensional accuracy of reinforcement blanking shall be controlled within ± 10mm.


Double threaded joint completed
500MPa level 1 connector type inspection;
2 million fatigue tests;
Product certification of mechanical connection joints of steel bars by China Inspection and certification alliance.

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