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Shaoxing urban expressway

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Yuedong road smart expressway project will connect the main urban area of Yuecheng District, Paojiang Development Zone and Binhai New Town in series. The three urban clusters will connect Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway and Shaozhu expressway. After completion, it will not only facilitate citizens’ travel, but also drive the development of the area. Yuedong road and South extension section of smart expressway project start from Shaoxing toll station of Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway in the north, along Sanjiang road to Yuedong Road, and then along Yuedong road and second ring road in the south to Pingshui toll station of Shaozhu expressway. The total length of the road is more than 20 km. The main line is designed according to the standard of urban expressway. The main line of the expressway will be laid in the form of “elevated + tunnel + ground”, and the design speed of the main line is 80 km / h. The elevated standard section of the main line is a two-way 6-lane, and the elevated connecting line of Sanjiang road and the South extension section (Pingshui entrance and exit of Tushan road Shaozhu Expressway) are two-way 4-lane, with an investment of about 11.9 billion yuan.

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