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Qinghe railway station

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The old station building of Qinghe station, built in 1905, is the first station building of Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway presided over by Zhan Tianyou, the father of Chinese railway. The old station building is a combination of Chinese and Western 6-column 5-room building, with 3 waiting rooms in the middle and station master’s room and miscellaneous service room in the rear. Over the past 100 years, although the old station building has been changed, the building structure has basically maintained its original appearance.

The south side of xinqinghe station is adjacent to the ground bridge of G7 Jingxin expressway. After the opening of Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, it will become a transportation artery connecting Beijing and Zhangjiakou at G7 expressway, contributing to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Xinqinghe station is located between Xiaoying West Road and Xierqi street, Qinghe town, Haidian District, 11km away from Beijing North Station, and adjacent to Metro Line 13 and G7 Jingxin Expressway in the West. According to Han Fangchao, Secretary of the Party branch of Qinghe station project of China Railway Construction Engineering Group, the project started construction last June and is planned to be put into operation by the end of 2019, with a total construction area of 138300 square meters. With the formal completion of the main structure of the main station house of Qinghe station, it will enter the decoration stage. The new station is expected to be officially completed in the second half of next year, with an annual passenger volume of 16 million.

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