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Investigation on Shanghai Sijian municipal bridge parts factory

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Built in 2014, the factory is a leading enterprise in the field of component processing and manufacturing in the domestic bridge industry, with a total investment of about 80 million and an annual processing capacity of about 60000 tons of reinforcement. The factory is divided into two plant areas. The main plant area covers an area of 60 mu. It is mainly responsible for reinforcement processing, fabrication of reinforcement parts of bridge pier body and prefabrication of concrete parts of pier body.


This is an Italian EVG steel bar bending production line with a total investment of 5 million. The equipment operates reliably and stably, with low failure rate and high production efficiency. It often operates in two shifts. The maximum bending workpiece size is about 3M and the bending dimension error is about 2mm.



The maximum processed reinforcement specification of the production line is 28mm.
Italian EVG equipment is also used for wire bending, with an investment of 3 million yuan.



It can be processed by the control center, and the size of machined parts can be adjusted automatically.



Moving the bar loading platform car to process different specifications can realize automatic adjustment of loading.



Ordinary automatic sawing machine is used for bar sawing.



The upsetting process is adopted for the processing of bar thread, which is the central part of the bridge sink and is connected with the pier body to match the semi grouting sleeve. The specification of main reinforcement is 40mm reinforcement.



This is the pier body reinforcement fabrication bench. About two can be fabricated for one bench per day.


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